Our banner printer produces huge, clear prints.What is Large Format Printing? 

Large Format Printing (LFP) is a wholesale printing service, billboard company and banner maker that offers quick turnaround digital printing of banners, billboards, flags and other huge advertising displays on a wide variety of substrates from your supplied artwork.
A proudly New Zealand-owned company, we can freight your prints nationwide.
We also offer a graphic design service if you need eye-catching advertising.

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Huge PVC canvas banners and billboard skins!

3m wide Banner printer

Our massive 3100mm print-width banner printer means we can supply one-piece banners that are 3m high (or wide) and 50m in length!

Print on almost any flat surface!

Our 1800mm print-width flatbed printer can put your client's photos and graphics on large sheets of plastic, glass, wood, metal, almost anything flat - imagine the possibilities!